Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maxis Makeovers: The Traveller Family

Ah, the Travellers. I'd ignored them for a long time, letting them sit in Family Bin Purgatory,
simply because they looked so dang doofus-y in those silly Maxian outfits.

Traveller Original

The Maxis Makeover thread at GOS inspired me to move those Travellers out of purgatory
and into a cottage, which I put right on the outskirts of Strangetown, just under the water tower.

Trav Kiss

The Trav's at breakfast
The Traveller's love to eat meals together as a family.

Trish Traveller
Trish makes the best faces.

Trish tubbie2

Tina Traveller
Tina Traveller, who is just too adorable for words.

In the Doghouse
I gave them a dog, an adoptee named Otis.

Tina & Otis

Tina and her friend Alec Smith (no relation to the Polli Tech Smiths)

Alec Smith
Alec Smith

The Traveller's House in Strangetown
The Traveller's Cottage

Tina and Tina

The house, if you're wondering, is a made-over version of corvidophile's Spring Cottage, at her Sirona Sims website. You can find it here.

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